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          Rotary compressor 8-10 month by 40% to improve the situation
          Author:xxk Published in:2017-01-04 15:56:15

          After 2016 years of cold substantial market landslide after 2017 years of cold, the rotary compressor industry, achieved growth for 3 consecutive months. Industry online data show that cold 8-10 months cumulative production of 36 million 400 thousand units, an increase of 52.14%; sales of 33 million 696 thousand units, an increase of 43.01%. Compressor production in November also maintained high growth.
          The air conditioning industry energy burst tremendous pressure in the 40 million industry inventory, air-conditioning machine enterprises 2016 years of cold shipments encounter great obstacles, through the air conditioning industry efforts, at the end of the 2016 cold years, air-conditioning industry inventory level has dropped to about 20 million below a reasonable level. After the decline in pressure, since 2014, the release of the full release of the transition energy savings, but also makes the upstream compressor companies to achieve substantial growth. Industry online data show that 2017 cold years 8-10 months, GMCC also achieved sales of rotary compressor units of 9 million 400 thousand units, an increase of 66%.
          For compressor companies, 2017 cold years is a major historical opportunity. On the one hand, the compressor enterprises can fully release the accumulated technical strength in recent years. GMCC in the 2016 home appliance technology conference released independent compression technology for the industry to set an example. The system can make the system APF value of 5.893, compared with the reference system APF value increased by 11.3%, air-conditioning compressor industry is a breakthrough in energy efficiency technology research and development. On the other hand, the compressor companies can breathe a little respite, freeing resources to carry out more strategic adjustment of product mix.
          Still need to be aware of the risk of inventory although rotary compressor industry has achieved rapid growth for 3 consecutive months, but not too optimistic, still need to guard against the pressure of high inventory. In fact, if there is no significant increase in sales in 2016 led to the end of the summer heat, air conditioning industry inventory is also difficult to fall to a reasonable level, and the compressor industry data will not be so good. A leading air conditioning companies have also made it clear that the industry is now more smoke bombs, scheduling subsequent production will be adjusted. 2017 cold years, will be an extraordinary year, but also full of opportunities and challenges of the year. In the face of this industry test, GMCC continue to uphold customer-centric philosophy, deep service, innovation, refining quality, together with the new machine manufacturers to achieve leap!

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