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          Tongxing refrigeration celebrate the new year's Day table tennis contest
          Author:xxk Published in:2017-01-04 15:52:04

          In December 29, 2016, we celebrate the new year's day, ease the work pressure of the staff, rich amateur life, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and the staff's sense of belonging, to hold "Tongxing refrigeration celebrate the new year's Day table tennis contest.

          The competition is divided into men's singles, women's singles two groups, attracted a total of more than 50 employees to participate in the competition. Based on the game a fair and impartial manner, this contest hired a professional table tennis referee to chair. The game is out of the system, in order to enter the next round, players start out scenes such as special skills, like watching a dragon and a tiger in combat, let colleagues issued cheers, applause. As the game progresses, players qualify for the strength has been enhanced gradually, style of professional, from the forehand backhand sent a long ball to bunt, a variety of rotary ball, smash, so outside the stadium to see colleagues is the passion. After fierce competition, the final separation of the respective winners, men's team won by master Dong Bainian, women's team won by Tang Peiling. After the end of the year by the director of the manufacturing center to the players presented prizes to encourage.
          This activity let employees feel happy New Year atmosphere, let employees get a game for discussion and exchange of the opportunity to show your own style. Let us take the full spirit in the new year and the company work together to better serve the company!

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