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          Warmly congratulate our three new products successfully passed the identification
          Author:xxk Published in:2017-01-04 15:44:12

          In December 15, 2016, the company held a new product appraisal in Xinchang, Zhejiang, with the Star Refrigeration Co., ltd.. Attend this appraisal expert from the Zhejiang University Professor Fu, Zhejiang Province Machinery Industry Federation Professor, Professor Li Xue light Research Institute of automation, in addition to our general manager Zhang Tianhong, technical director Wang Genfa and other leaders attended the appraisal meeting, witnessed the results of technological innovation products.
          At the meeting, the appraisal committee listened to the project product development work and technical summary, detection, information retrieval, user reports, review the relevant information, to inspect the product sample. Members of the committee will be discussed, that the development of three new products is successful, the technology is at the leading level in the country, with significant economic and social benefits, decided unanimously approved.

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