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          In 2000,Our company got the quality management certificate of ISO9002:1994. This make the data and related activities of the product's quailty documented.So the whole quality management go an a road with standardization, procedure and documentation.In 2003 ,we had the comprehensive revision to the manual and procedures according to the system and the suitability of UL ,then we completed changing to the ISO9001:2000 version successfully.In 2007,in order to make the system and UL further in-depth ,we established the project group and invited experts to develop the system.Then we realized the establishment and operation of ISO9001 and ISO14001.Now we has been approved by the Wantai certification company.Tongxing will adhere to the business philosophy "pursuit of perfection, progress every day, concentric prosperity" , ensuring all-round stability and making the quailty of products rapidly improving.

          Quality environmental policy——"attention to detail management, control system, the establishment of rapid response to market programs to provide customers with assured products; saving all kinds of resources to prevent pollution, meeting the requirements of laws and regulations to create the development and health of the environment"

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